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Our store, Fabulous Finishes, located in Metro Detroit, strives to offer a vast array of user friendly products that will allow you, the user, to create really cool, easy enough cabinet, furniture and accessory finishes.

There are more DIY paint lines popping up than dandelions on a hot summer day – what sets us all apart? Our products have muscle behind them:

Caromal Colours roots are with faux finishing. I’ve been rocking their fabulous paints for 6+ years; well before Annie Sloan landed on American soil. Their three lines of paints – Country Living, Reclaim and Botanical –  bond to anything and everything, require no sanding, stripping or priming, and even better, unlike your typical Chalk Paint, once Caromal’s paints dry they do NOT require a topcoat or wax to stay put.

American Paint Company’s roots has 20 plus years in the manufacturing of all natural, earth friendly products. They focus on delivering quality, SAFE, user friendly products, not just chalk/clay paints, but all natural waxes and more durable topcoat and hardcoat finish options. A broad, fresh color palette – layer several colors and see how easy it is to create a multitude of finishes.

Cottage Paints offers a clay-based paint that drys to a silky matte finish and remains porous and easy to sand or wet distress when dry. The paint itself burnishes to a lovely sheen, but no wax! We created our own color deck of 20 fabulous colors,  hand selected from a collection of our favorites, and even better,  this paint can tint to almost any color in the deck!  Contact us for more information…

CABINETS, FURNITURE, ACCESSORIES… What are you waiting for?
Say goodbye to priming, sanding and stripping – we carry paints that will change your kitchen cabinets, vanities, furniture, any old treasures. With a full line of Caromal Colours Paints lines, American Paint Company’s VOC FREE Chalk Clay Mineral Paints, and Cottage Paints clay based, our products will surely satisfy your painting urge.




Swarovski Crystal Packs


Extra Whimsy - featuring fun, one of a kind items

Extra Whimsy – featuring fun, one of a kind items

Our Workshop Calendar is now interactive, and you can register for classes online.   

We really hope you find our site more user friendly,  and product minded.  I never would have imagined this project taking this long – after all,  we signed on to CHANGE our site last September…..!   Thank you,  to all of our wonderful online customers, that have stuck with us – through thick and thin!   WE ARE BLESSED!!

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence – create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.